Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Buckle, Storybrooke Sheriff

When the client sent me the image she wanted on her buckle I thought it looked familiar.  It took me a little while to remember that "Storybrooke, Maine" is the setting for most of "Once Upon A Time".  The show's filmed right around here so I might've remembered that a little earlier.  In any case, the buckle's on its way to Glasgow so it's a pretty wide-ranging fandom.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Map, Homebrew Arcadia

Now that the holiday crunch is over I've been trying to catch up with our campaign maps.  Everytime we finish a campaign I like to carve a map of that setting and hang it on the wall over our game table.  I'm just goofy that way.

My wife dreamed up Arcadia last year.  She'd never gotten around to naming it by the time we were playing it so it started out being called Aidan (which she wasn't a huge fan of) until one of the players recommended Arcadia.  We had a pretty weird troupe of characters exploring a "typical" fantasy world trying to prevent the arrival of Tiamat (because who wouldn't).  We had Tik, Kobold Barbarian Hero; Merrill, Half-Elf Bard from the Guild of Tongues; Oskar, a human teenager who thought he was a dwarf cleric; and Gunnolf, a spec ops veteran turned bounty hunter.  There was a fair bit of tension between some of the characters which eventually resulted in Gunnolf leaving the party late in the campaign and being replaced by Error, a Warforged Paladin of Bahamut.  We had some pretty hilarious times too, like when a Bullywug King tried to romance Merrill and followed him around until the end of the campaign.

This was the first of our personal maps that I've built a frame around.  I didn't leave myself enough overlap to conceal the stitching but it works pretty well in the shadow of the frame.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Scroll Case, Nordic Hnefatafl

Hnefatafl is one of those ancient boardgames that probably gets compared to chess a lot even if the rules don't have much in common.  The client wanted to carry their set in style so we came up with a case that should hold the whole thing.  The body is carved with a pair of nordic runes that should, albeit roughly, translate as something like "battle game".  I left a lot of the chop in the stain to give it that extra weathered look

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Drawstring pouch, Viola

The client wanted to mark their grandson's graduation this year with a gift of silver dollars.  Of course, the coins needed an appropriate vessel!  The grandson's quite the viola player so we used the decorative swirls on his instrument to make a monogram of his initials.  The stain came out a little lighter than I hoped but it's the same bottle I used for my early dice bags so I know it'll age really well!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Testimonial: Guitar Strap, Ontario

I received this message about the last guitar strap I shipped.  Just made my morning!

"My wife just gave me the guitar strap you made (The Hip, hockey stick, SRV, etc). I think it's probably the nicest thing I own. You did an outstanding job and I just wanted to thank you."

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Martingale Collar, Ky-oosh

I've just been waiting for an order like this one to come in so I could finish up the last bits on the pattern.  The collar I'd made for Max a couple years ago was a good start but had a "small" flaw in that the screw holding everything together proved weaker than a half-husky's enthusiasm.  This time there's no screws at all, just laminated leather that outta stand up to just about anything.  And it's always a good project when I get to mix together some more "Federation Blue".  There's a big, poofy fluffer in Ontario who's going to be pretty styling by the end of the week!  Meanwhile the martingale collars now have a dedicated listing on the shop!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Giant Scroll Tube

I've been selling a fair few of these map cases lately, mostly for things other than maps.  I think it's great that the pattern's proven so flexible.  I'm not entirely sure what this one was meant to carry (didn't ask) but apparently it's 4" wide and 19" long.  Makes for a pretty big tube and a weird frankenbox to ship it in.