Thursday, October 18, 2018

Binder Tome

This order's been on my docket in one way or another since June.  The client wanted a binder in the same style as the old spellbook-y toolboxes I used to make.  I'd figured I could utilize the new printer to improve on the old pattern quite a bit but, among other things, that meant doing a lot of tight-tolerance modeling.  The print bed is just shy of 11" square and since letter paper is 11" tall the binder needed to be just a bit larger than that.  So any of the structural parts needed to be printed in two parts that would then fit together to build the whole thing.

The order was paid in installments so it wasn't fully purchased until August and when I got down to production I kept running into problems that forced me to start over.  I had to remake or tweak the models a few times or trim them down to fit nicely.  I'd originally intended to stitch the perimeter for some added durability but then I found out that 2mm of pla isn't strong enough to withstand the tension inherent to a saddlestitch.

The good news is that after all those trials, setbacks, and headaches the final result doesn't look half bad.  The walls have a little "chop" on the outside so they actually look kinda paper-y. And when the binder's closed you can't really tell it isn't all one piece.  The structure's stable and durable enough for every day handling.  Not too bad all told.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Evil Dead Holster 2.0

I'm not sure what it was about this fall but I had a whole bunch of orders for the Evil Dead Holster.  Since it isn't something on the shop it was a little odd to keep getting requests for them.  One of those was from an actor who'd been playing Ash in a stage version of the movie and wanted to recreate his costume (because who wouldn't?). 

Because each order was ad hoc there was always a lot of back and forth trying to work out sizing information and details like that.  I figured I could provide a better experience and save a fair bit of time if I just developed a production version that was adjustable.  So I picked up some sliders with a supply shipment and got to work.  I'm waiting on some feedback from the client and hoping to add this as a new listing later this year.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Map, Sayville

Sayville's a tiny town not far from NYC and the scale made it a little tricky.  I couldn't decide if I should try cutting all the little buildings too.  In hindsight I'm glad I didn't because I think it would've cluttered the map up.  This is one of the first maps where I'm trying a new style of frame out and I think it's working out pretty grand!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Map, Summit County

This map was atypical because of the angle.  Instead of a top-down, topographical style of map the client had commissioned a cartographer to make a 3/4 degree map of the mountains in Summit County, CO.  It was an interesting challenge translating that onto the leather but once the design was there it was just a matter of making sure every line got cut with the right pressure.  I used some blending and shading to bring the mountains out a bit more while I was staining.  The pictures came out well but it looks even better in person!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Map, Farmhouse

The client was looking for a map of the area immediately around the new farmhouse they'd just moved into.  Because the scale was so small I used a wide seeder to mark the trees of the forest and used the bargrounder (that I'd normally use for forests) for a small, orderly orchard next to the farmhouse.  Turned out pretty great!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Original Coins and Ingots

This client had purchased a bunch of coins back when I was using my original models and they were looking to expand their treasury.  Fortunately I still had the original files and they didn't need any of the coins I couldn't get filament for any longer.

While their new coins were still printing they put in another order for some ingots to represent even larger denominations.  They'd originally meant just some simple bricks but I'd wanted to add some feet so they'd stack/click together (kinda like lego) and the client suggested a hole in the center so they could be strung up with the coins.  I think we made a pretty new model and I'll be adding it to the store later this season.