Saturday, October 4, 2014

Chemical Formula Coasters

Sometimes you just have to do something geeky and nerdy and goofy and fun.  That's my position anyway.  I'm not convinced there's a huge market for coasters (outside of informal christmas gift exchanges) but I rather liked the idea of tossing some chemistry in.  At first I was going to do include tea, coffee, and soda but that didn't quite work out.  The first molecule I picked for tea, Theflavin, turned out to be too large to fit on a coaster.  Seriously.  And of course soda is a complex, unholy solution of ichor and other not-so-good things.  And it occurred to me that nobody's probably going to need a coaster with their coffee, so I dropped those three and went with Catechin (tea), caffeine (pretty much everything) and ethanol (boozes) in addition to sucrose (sugar) and good ol' dihydrogen monoxide (water).  I figure this way, no matter what someone's drinking, they'll probably have a constituent molecule on their coaster.

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