Friday, January 30, 2015

PAX South 2015

It's been about a week now since my brother and I went to PAX South but this is about the first time I think I've had a good chance to sit down and write about it.  It was great being back in Texas for awhile, visiting with folk and experiencing weather that changes every few hours (instead of every few weeks).  There was lots of catching up, gaming, and all the good stuff that should come from visits.  There was the occasional awkward moment too, but on the whole the good far out weighed the not-good.

So far as PAX went, it turned out to be a fair bit smaller than I'd been expecting.  On the other hand, I don't imagine PAX Prime was that large when it first started either.  There were only a few of the usual big-name brands running booths (Nintendo, Logitech, Twitch, and a few others) but the flip side was that there was far, far more space for independent and small studios.  There was, of course, tons of tabletop stuff too and I've picked up a bunch of new stuff for D&D and thanks to my brother I've finally been inducted to Magic the Gathering.

There was an almost silly amount of cosplay, especially on Saturday when it seemed like 20-40% of the attendees were sporting some kind of cosplay.  I wound up moving around too quickly myself to really get many pictures, or at least any worth showing but fortunately others with more photography experience than I have stepped up.  There's a decent chance my brother and/or I might be in some of the backgrounds of those shots but I haven't spotted us yet.  Flipping through the images though, I have been surprised by the cosplayers I didn't see while I was at the con.  There were quite a few.

Speaking of cosplay, my own seemed pretty subtle by comparison.  For all the difficulty I had getting a plastic cap gun from Canada to Texas and back I might've hoped for a little more out of it.  I don't really have any complaints though.  It was comfortable to wear for the 8-9 hours we spent at PAX on Friday and aside from a slight incident with a hanging mason jar there weren't any difficulties with it.  Everything turned out to be pretty practical and mobile.  I did take a selfie in it but I think I'll retake a proper photo once everything gets back to me (I shipped most of it from Texas) in some days.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mason Jar Holster & Belt Loop

This was another case of a clever, unique idea coming from a commission.  In this case, one of my wife's co-workers requested a sort of holster for their mason jar.  I'm actually not sure if it should be called a holster or cozy or what, but holster seems to be sticking for now.  Some of the geometry was a little tricky to work out but I've been using the prototype for a few days now and it's pretty dang handy.  I made a little belt loop too so it can hang from my belt while I walk around PAX next week.  An excellent little project!

PAX South and Cosplay

In one week I'll be boarding a plane and flying back home for PAX South.  Anyone who's been following this blog probably knows how long I've been anticipating this.  PAX has been accurately referred to as "Woodstock for Gamers" and with them opening up a convention practically in my hometown I couldn't not go.  And of course, I'd need an outfit.

I've cosplayed a handful of times and it can be pretty good fun (for a day at least).  I'd originally wanted to do the Light Leather Armor from Fallout New Vegas but by the time I got to the drafting process I realized it wouldn't have been practical for this year.  If nothing else I'd have a devil of a time sourcing a pipboy.  So I switched to generic steampunk cowboy guy, if only because it's a reliable standby.

I just shipped most of my outfit off to my folks in Texas in preparation for my trip.  I didn't think it prudent to try carrying an obvious toy, plastic pistol on an airline so the post seemed the best way to go.

There's a couple of belts, the pistol, some goggles, a random pouch, badge, and bandana.

The goggles aren't necessarily the most comfortable but it's the first pair I've ever made and they'll do for this convention.  Maybe afterward I'll have some notions for how to improve them.

The big wide belt is the gun belt and it'll fit over everything else.  The more colorful belt is a name belt I made a year or two ago.  It's a bit festive for this but I reckon it'll work.  I can always switch to my usual belt at the last minute if it doesn't seem to be working.

The badge was the first gift my wife gave me and it's gotten a bit worn though you can still read "Tesla Rangers" on it.  The pouch is a variation on my usual design.  I'm experimenting with a couple ideas that might make it into production if they work out well.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Wallet Lanyard Mark II

The gentleman who was so pleased with his wallet lanyard last year contacted me to make him a second one, practically identical but two times as long.  The project was a little delayed due to a shortage in my supply chain but I was able to get it off to him just after New Years.