Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dragon Binder

I've been pretty busy with these messenger bags lately but I took yesterday to finish a personal project.  After we get back from our trip (we'll be bouncing around Europe for most of May) I'll be diving right into DMing a new D&D campaign.  I'm just dorky enough that I like to wrap my DM binders in leather like a proper Tome of Terror.

For anyone who might happen to be following me on Twitter I was tweeting the progress as I went along so there's lots of WIP pics.  It's a little rushed to get all finished in a day (I was originally hoping to stitch it into place but wound up using rivets when I was just about out of time), but I'm looking forward to traumatizing my players with it next month.

I've been debating whether or not to add something like this to the store but I suppose it probably couldn't hurt...

Camera Comparison

I've recently picked up a new phone, a Nexus 6, specifically because it has a pretty good camera.  I'm told it's particularly good at processing colors in situations with non-optimal lighting.  I'm pretty satisfied with my camera-camera but it'll be nice to have a device that can capture color better on overcast days.  These two pictures are taken under the same conditions so I could try making that comparision.  What do ya'll think?

Canon Powershot

Nexus 6

Friday, April 17, 2015

Introducing the Easy Rider

This one's been awhile coming and it's the cheif reason why there haven't been more posts for the past couple weeks.  A brother-in-law requested a messenger bag he could roll up and stow while riding his motorcycle and after a couple months to ponder the design, a few proof of concepts, and a lot of drafting I was able to come up with this. 

For all that, the design is fairly simple and fundamental, which should also make it reliable.  The front is made from a flexible, almost fabric-like utility leather and the back uses a more rigid bison leather (though normally I expect I'd use stoned oil since it's half the price and I can get more of it).  In either "mode" the lid fastens closed by pulling a tongue through a keeper.  It's faster than a buckle and I find it more convenient and reliable than a snap for something like this.  The strap was made from some light veg-tan so it'd be bendy enough not to get in the way.  I used a polyester lining because it has a plastic interface that works really well with contact cement.  However, I'm not really happy with how it worked out for the edging.  It's functional but I think a different material would probably look nicer, especially with the double seams.

All in all, it's lightweight (about .76 kg with the strap), super sturdy, and easy and quick to manage.  The biggest drawback is the ~50-60 hour build time.  Hopefully I can pare that down without modifying the design because I definitely intend to add this as a regular item on the store.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Another week, another pouch

I like making pouches so it's pretty good that I seem to get pretty regular orders for them.  This one was a "normal" Spaceman design but made to some custom dimensions.  A little shorter and narrower than the usual design.