Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Dice Cups, Family Set, PHB, Wonder Woman, & Flash

As someone who frequently sells handmade gifts I sure appreciate when clients put their holiday orders in well in advance.  These dice cups are meant to be Xmas gifts but I won't have to worry about getting them out the door in the midst of the annual holiday crush.  

The Flash cup required a new design that I based off some old, classic Flash lineart.  I added the lightning and used two different kinds of stain to try and make some contrast with the red background.  It's still red on red but there's just enough contrast to make the outline stick out.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Condition Tokens, Revised

When I posted the condition tokens for sale I'd always meant to expand them, particularly with some spell-specific tokens.  I'd still like to do that someday but there's ~80 spells in 5e that a token of some sort could be used for and there's all sorts of challenges in sorting that out.  In the meantime, I've been continuing to experiment with our weekly games and noted that we've been having a lot of use out of some generic buff/debuff tokens.  There isn't lots of buff stacking in 5e so using the same token for Bless and Shield of Faith hasn't been all that confusing.  In lieu of developing an all new line of tokens (for now) I've just added these new tokens to the set on the store.

Monday, October 2, 2017

DM Toolbox, Black & Blue

This was the first toolbox to use lambskin for the shell and I'm really happy with how it came out.  These toolboxes are pretty popular around the holidays and I've already received another order or two for more.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Map, North America in Quarters

I'm not entirely sure what the whole story was here but the client wanted to show the path these two people took together using a leather map and a few Canadian quarters.  Whatever the story is I'm all for that sort of thing!

They wanted to mark each of the cities by placing a quarter in the map where that city would be and tracing a line to where they met up in Washington, DC.  Canadian quarters are 23.9mm across but the closest bit I have is 25.4mm.  That 1.5mm difference is just enough to be obvious so I printed some cradles/sabots so the quarters would fit perfectly.

Another new thing I tried with this map was building a new faux frame around the finished map.  I used to do something similar on my earliest maps but with the stitching I figured it was worth trying again.  I'm pretty happy with the way it all came together!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Guitar Strap, Rush Clockwork Angel

About 2.5 years ago I made a trio of guitar straps for a friend's family, the first of which was a laminated strap based off the album art for Rush's Clockwork Angel.  This client must've liked how that one turned out because they requested nearly the same design, just in tan rather than red.

I've picked up a few tricks since early 2015 and my materials have definitely improved.  I used to use a glazed pigskin to line the guitar straps but this time around I used a piece of goatskin.  Goats aren't that big but by taking a cut down the spine of the hide I was able to get a piece just large enough to work for the lining.  It's very supple, almost deerskin-esque, and it won't slide as much as the pigskin.  It does make the edging a bit tricky but with the proper glue, a lot of burnishing, and some kote I think it's all worked out pretty well.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Buckle, Asterisk Design Group

A design company in Austin decided to celebrate a big job being well done with a set of custom buckles (very Texan of them 😀 ).  It was kind of cool getting artwork from a group that develops this sort of thing professionally.  They needed the buckles in short order but fortunately I had just enough of the backings to get them right out the door.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cosplay, Fallout 4 Harness

I'm usually pretty good at predicting complications during the drafting phase, even with complex builds like cosplay.  This order had a couple of hooks I didn't see coming though.  The order was for a functional, leather harness like the Leather Armor in the Fallout 4 games.  The client had already purchased a the harness from another leatherworker but had never received anything more than pictures.

As is often the case with cosplay the drafting phase was pretty intensive.  I had a few measurements and lots of screenshots to work off.  From previous experience I knew that buckles larger than 2" are just about impossible to find so I made the assumption that the belt was 2" wide and scaled everything accordingly.  That was the first "whoops".  It would have been more cumbersome but I should have used the avatar as my meter when figuring out the scale.  This became evident once I started production and found that the pouches were a bit smaller than they should have been.  In fairness, it wasn't that big of a difference.  The pouches are still about 80% of the size they should probably have been and the relative sizes are spot on to the photo references.  Aside from the tiny trio (mostly decorative to begin with) in the back they were all large enough to be practical, usable pouches.

About half-way through the production, after I built the belt was was preparing to work on the bandoleer & chest pouches, the client let me know what they'd intended to carry in the harness.  More importantly I found out the measurements for those items.  Even if all pouches had been to full scale they might not have been large enough for the wallet and phone they wanted to carry.  It was too late to modify the belt so I had to decide between making hasty alteration to the chest pouches or starting over from scratch.  If this had been the only order I was working on at the time I probably would have started over but that would've meant delaying the other orders I had, one of which had a hard deadline.  So in the 9th hour I cut new leather for the chest pouches and made them waaaaaaaay larger than the scale.  They wound up so big that all three of them wouldn't fit together on the front of the bandoleer and one had to be moved to the belt.

I'm conflicted but, I think, ultimately satisfied with the work I did here.  If I'd just had the specs at the start though I could've made a harness that perfectly matched the game art.  At the very least something closer than what we got.It was a rough situation that I tried to make the best of and, most importantly, the client is happy with the result.  The harness fits their stuff and it's solidly made, perfect for traipsing conventions and ren faires with.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Map, Homebrew Fantasy

This map started (for me anyway) as an Inkarnate map the client provided.  Once I turned that into a draft and got to carving I was able to try out a few notions I've been pondering for awhile.  I'm still liking the bargrounder for the forests.  It takes forever but I like the effect and with the right beveling/sculpting around the borders it doesn't look as sunken.  I did some tinting too and though the overcoat mutes most of it it's just noticeable enough in the final version.