Saturday, August 18, 2018

We're back!

It's been a hair over two weeks and I'm back up and running!  I've been able to ship a couple small orders already and I'm hoping to clear the rest of the docket over the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile I have a shiny new workshop.  In the old place my work space was split across two rooms but here I've been able to pack it all into one big room.  I'm still working on lighting but the giant window keeps the place pretty bright during the day so it's not an imminent concern.  I'm sure I'll juggle things around on the pegboard too.  For now I'm just happy everything fits in one place and I can keep my stock in a nice safe closet.

I took the opportunity to build a new photo booth from scratch to replace the old backdrop.  The backdrop wasn't a bad idea and I liked how it looked but it clearly wasn't meant for close-up photography and it hasn't weathered all that well.  These whitewashed boards on the other hand should weather very well!  Shouldn't be long before I can start posting products on it.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


It's been a couple years since we moved into this place and it's worked pretty well for us since then.  Even so, we've decided to move again for family reasons and that's been progressing in pretty short order.  So far as work goes I'll be wrapping up production on as many orders as I can by tomorrow so I can focus on moving.  I'm hoping to be set up and running at the new place within a couple weeks.  I certainly don't want to repeat the 3-4 months of being offline from when we moved in here so I'm amply motivated to get back online asap!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Simple Celtic Bracelet

A charming little commission for a simple little bracelet.  The idea was the client could thread the lace through the bracelet and tie it into place on their wrist.  No need to fuss with careful sizing or complicated fastners.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Stein Coasters

One of my recurring clients is still kitting out their new game room and wanted a trio of giant coasters to accommodate the beer steins their players use.  Of course they needed to have some classic D&D art and of course I was only too happy to oblige.  These coasters are 5" across and in the process of making them I beefed up the bases so they'd be a bit sturdier.  Came out pretty shiny!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Scroll Case, Extra Long

I don't think I ever found out what was going to be carried in this case but it needed to be 20" long to fit it.  This case also has a detachable shoulder strap so it can be carried over the shoulder.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Map, Canandaigua Lake

Unlike the last map this one was for a wedding ceremony.  The client wanted to do the area around Mt. Bristol in a fantasy/LotR style which was kind of a neat idea.  It came in at practically the last minute so when the production was delayed by a day I expedited the shipping.  I hope it gets there in time!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Map, Marina Bay/Boston

The third anniversary is usually a gift of leather and these maps are a popular way to celebrate that.  This client was married near Marina Bay but I have to confess I'm mostly familiar with the area from Fallout 4. >_>

I've been tinting the water on most of the maps but didn't think it would work well on this one.  I only tinted the compass so I was able to use saddle tan and a dark brown on the frame and I'm really happy with how they turned out.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dice Cup, Githyanki

@Grand_DM is a big fan of the classic Fiend Folio cover and after seeing one of the custom Dice Cups I made earlier this year he commissioned his own dice cup based on the cover.  I could say more but I think the review he wrote says it better.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Guitar Strap, Paul Gilbertish Carving

This guitar strap is going to be a graduation present this summer.  The recipient is fan of the Paul Gilbert style of guitar straps so the client was hoping I could mimic that.  After trying some tap-offs and a dozen variations we settled on a free hand pattern repeated down the length of the strap.  It was kinda neat to be able to break out my cams and veiners again.  They're "classic" carving tools but I don't get to use them that often.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Scattering Tube Case & Leggings

I was initially contacted by the client back in Feb to see if I'd be comfortable taking a commission that would ultimately be used to transport human ashes.  The client was arranging a memorial service for a loved one who'd recently passed and as part of that service they would carry the remains over a long hike.  The ashes would be contained in a scattering tube but they needed a case to carry the tube in.  

The deceased had been an artist and they requested some of that art be added to the case.  Additionally they'd wanted a couple of leggings with the art for the deceased's daughter to wear.  As it turned out the art couldn't have possibly been better for leather carving.  The way he used color and lines was ideal for leather.  They added the deceased's name to the art as well (which I've blurred in the photos to protect their privacy) which seemed really fitting for a memorial.

This was a challenging commission from an engineering standpoint.  Purpose-fit tubes don't have a lot of tolerance and if a seam is half a millimeter off in its diameter the result could be too tight or too loose.  I addressed some of that by adding a splice up the back of the tube which also allowed me to install the handle directly opposite the art.  Leather being leather though, it stretched and contorted a bit during the carving and assembly.  Not enough to impair anything but just enough to make the opening just a bit loose.  My testing seemed to indicate that would still friction-fit but in hindsight I wished I'd included a direct connection between the body and the lid.

It was an honor and a privilege to be able to play a small role with this.  I don't personally know any of the persons involved but it's just so... human.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Range Card Holster and Belt

Another Range Card Holster for a motorcycle instructor in the states.  The client opted not to add any personalization but they did throw in a nice little belt to hold the holster over their clothes.

I got a glowing message back once they received their order:
Good Morning Fallon,

I opened my range card holster and belt last night and they are PERFECT!!!

My husband is impressed that my range cards no longer fall out of the holster as the pouch is a little deeper and sturdier than my flimsy holster. I will not miss the teaching days when I would bend over to pick up cones on the range only to re-bend to pick up my cards 3 dozen times in a day. :-) And Fallon, I LOVE the quality, plain definitely provided the classy look that I was seeking.

With regard to the belt, I was a little off on my measurements (strictly my fault) so I am using the smallest hole setting and have a large "tail" but the range card holster clips over the "tail" nicely, keeping everything in place, so I think it will be fine for now. If the leather stretches, I might order another belt in a smaller size but obviously, I would rather have the belt too big than too small. Again, absolutely LOVE the belt buckle and the medium weight of the belt.

Fallon, I can't emphasize how happy I am with your work and even more impressed that you were able to capture my desire at a distance. It has been a tremendous pleasure to work with you! I am looking forward to teaching in a few weeks and displaying my new items.

Thank you again for everything!

She even ordered another, shorter belt right after sending that. 😁

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Giant Order of D&D Awesome

I have a few awesome clients who keep coming back to snag more and more and this guy's one of them.  They moved this summer and had the opportunity to set up a dedicated game room which meant loads of new goodies.  This order started with the map case and coaster set but we added the Ehlonna chain pull while the others were being produced.  It's now hanging off ceiling fan in the finished game room.

Friday, May 18, 2018

5e Spellbook

I can't remember how long this idea's been sitting in my development queue just waiting for everything to come together for it to become a physical thing.  I had to figure out bookbinding, formatting, what sort of information was useful, etc.  I didn't want to just copy paste the SRD into yet another product but it isn't easy to improve on Wizards of the Coast's own products.  This was a prototype but it was building on a dozen other projects. 

And after all that I playtested it on my druid for about a month before calling it good.  The appliques are still solid and what minor looseness there is in the binding comes down to it being a prototype.  It's a solid build and I'm proud to finally add it to the shop!