Sunday, April 29, 2018

Map, World Checklist

As I understand it this map will be an anniversary gift to mark where the happy couple's traveled, and possibly where they still mean to go.  The best world map I could find to start with was a bit outdated (and Mercator, bleh) but it still turned out to be a nice little map when it was  all done.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New & Improved D&D 5e Coins

It's taken me waaaaaaaaaay too long to get these up on the store.  I was already starting to tinker with a new line of coins months ago when my old printer burned out.  Now I have a new printer that's working much better than the old one did and my selection of filaments has changed a bit.  Technically it's broader than it was before but a couple of the filaments I used to make the old line of coins weren't really available.  That's more or less put the kaboosh on my original line of coins.

On the upside, this new printer has a much larger build volume and a bevy of features that basically means it prints really good.  I can print more coins at once with more detail than I ever could before.  So after a few weeks of tinkering I was able to make five models based on the art released by Wizards of the Coast for the currency used in 5e.  There's a few points I'd've liked to come out cleaner (like the stars on the CP and SP) but overall I'm really happy with how these are coming out.  Especially the GP!  I have some new finishes that put a nice shine on most of the coins too.

I've put these coins on the shop here with an allotment that's a little smaller than the original one.  That's both because I sell more custom allotments than the standard set and because I'd like to add another listing for "campaign level" currency (basically, one set that could provide coins for 5 players across a campaign.  That's been a goal for a long time but it turns out it's pretty hard to come up with an average wealth for campaigns, much less what any particular table will need.  I'll probably wind up settling for a ratio first.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Coasters, D&D

A long time ago someone suggested I develop some D&D themed coasters (Thanks Runkle!) and it's been sitting on my To Prototype list for a least a year.  With the new printer I realized I could finally crank out a product worth adding to the store and before I'd technically finished the prototype it had already sold.

The coasters are sold as a set of five, each with a different bit of art.  There's the ever popular Yawning Portal, the head of the demon on the cover of the original DMG, Bahamut's emblem, the D&D ampersand, and WotC's Wizard logo.  And each coaster has a tray just large enough to hold a standard set of dice.  They have a little extra finish on them to repel condensation and the plastic's thick enough to be pretty sturdy.  So now they have a permanent listing up here.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Dice Cup, Vintage DMG

This started as a custom dice cup but didn't take long to decide to make it a regular listing.  The client wanted art from three of the class AD&D books so the trick was figuring out how to translate that art into a carvable design, especially at the scale of a dice cup.  I had to sacrifice some of the detail on the fiend and dragon but I'm pretty happy with how much I managed to cram in there.  I'll probably make some tweaks as I make more cups with this design but it's a great start.  The listing is up here.