Thursday, October 25, 2018

Coins, 5e Waterdeep

WotC has a couple of published adventures coming out set in Waterdeep (the richity-rich city of Forgotten Realms fame).  The client saw my 5e coins and was wondering if I could do the same thing with the Waterdeep-specific coins now that those new books have given us the details on them.  It took a lot of modelling and experimenting but I think I got about as close as I could for mass manufacturing.  I could've included more detail if I were making the coins to their specified scale (the crescent coin is described as 3" wide) but that's just not practical when printing a metric gajillion of them.  I'm going to tighten up the printing parameters a touch more and add them to the store next year.


  1. These look amazing! Any idea on an ETA? Would love to buy several sets for my game.

  2. Thanks!

    I still have a note to develop them as a routine production line but I've been hoping to experiment with cutting these coins out of acrylic with a laser. That wouldn't be as cost effective but it would enable the coins to have a lot more detail.

    There's no need for you to wait on all that though. I still have the models for the coins above and I could print those up for you anytime. If you could email me or send me a convo through Etsy with how many you'd like I can give you a price quote.


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